NLP not opening

2012 Mac Pro running Mojave. NLP 2.4.2

I use NLP in LRC to make a basic conversion from an imported camera scan and then open the 16bpc tiff in P’shop to finish it. That’s my only use of LRC so I don’t really know my way around it.

Yesterday I selected a group of about 1,000 scans that had previously been converted. I use to convert negs with one of several Photoshop actions. I didn’t know how these negs had been previously converted so I tried to open NLP to unconvert any that it had been used on. It didn’t open so I clicked ‘reset’ in LRC & they all then appeared as negs as expected.

I then used CTRL-N to call NLP but nothing happened. I could see from Activity Monitor that LRC was using a lot of CPU so thought that perhaps it needed time to finish the reset. However, after running for around 16 hours LRC is still using around 200% CPU & NLP is unresponsive. In Plug-in manager it’s enabled, seems good.

Quitting & restarting LRC doesn’t help.

Is LRC or NLP stuck in some kind of loop or would it be normal to wait so long?

Was it a mistake to try to convert ~1,000 files at one go?

Is there a way that I can abort whatever process is running in LRC & try with fewer files?

Or, most likely, am I missing something basic?

Thanks for any suggestions
David Hoffman

EDIT Clicking the arrow by my name at the top left showed face recognition running. I paused that & the CPU use has dropped right down. NLP is still not opening though so the high CPU use seems unconnected.