V 2.1.7 Issues (color picker, lut-profiles)

Hi there. Thirst thanks for the new Version, I do adore the improvements so far.

But two little things I´ve noticed.


Somehow the new Color Picker tool only works with the LR panels, but not with the pic. I simply can´t select a color from the image.


Color Profiles in the NLP dialog. I do use my own profiles. But when prompting the NLP dialog again to reconfigure some settings, the profile jumps back to the pre selected NLP Profile or to the new ones when they were previously selected.

I wish the system would keep my selected profile to get a better wysiwyg feeling when i do some reconfigurations…


How did you get 2.7.1? Do you use Windows?


Sorry - should be 2.1.7 :smiley:

Still I see 2.1.2 for Mac :frowning:

Are you on Windows or Mac? The mechanism for the color picker is a bit different in each, and not very intuitive (working within the limits of the SDK and system options). So my first inclination would be to make sure you are following the required steps based on your system. Beyond that, there are have been a number of beta testers in Facebook that have found that turning off “use graphics processor” seems to resolve some issue, so perhaps give that a try.

Let me think about this… I could have the “none” option for LUT go back to the custom camera profile you used, BUT if you are using a custom “enhanced” profile (with your own LUT embedded) it gets much trickier. Based on the way the SDK is set up, there isn’t a direct path for me to manipulate what LUT is getting set, so I use regular presets (xmp settings) to call enhanced look profiles. In theory, you could could take the “NLP-Camera-None” preset and change it to call whatever camera profile or look profile you’d like, and then when NLP calls that preset from the tool, it simply calls that preset and loads the look you want.

2.1.2 is still the latest released version.

2.1.7 is the beta of 2.2, which I have available for trial in the private Facebook group. Fixing up a couple bugs and will officially release 2.2 very soon.

Turning off the GPU thing helped, so now it does its job as supposed to - thank you :slight_smile:
#2 sure, when the LUT is jumping back to your profiles it is ok and I can reset my own profile later on - but in the version before it was really handy to use mine even when the NLP dialog was open , so fiddling on sliders were wysiwyg - so it is more a feature request :wink:

and thanks Nate - I was never happier with a product - since the first version until now - WOW big job


Sounds good! I should also be able to make a way in the future to set up custom LUTs. You could sort of hack it to do it now if you really wanted to.

LOVE hearing that, thanks @MattiMalandro :smile: