Negative Lab Pro v2.1 - Film Metadata, Clipping Control, and Much More

Reinstalling the plugin a few times on a different folder fixed it.

Sorry for the bother in the wrong section, i’ve noticed the troubleshooting forum later on…

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Question about the v2.1 upgrade.

I currently have my v2.0 plugin situated on a spinner hard-drive because my SSD c: drive was almost full. I have now cloned my old 240GB SSD M2 disk and resized it to a 2TB SSD M2 c: drive.
Also re-installed Lightroom to c: and it found NLP just fine.

Now, if I want to do a new install of NLP v2.1 on c:\ rather than upgrading v2.0 on the old spinner, will my v2.0 license code still work?

Well, I went ahead and re-installed the plugin on my SSD, removed the old and Added the new, and the licence carried over automatically.

Great! That’s how it is supposed to work… you shouldn’t have to re-enter your license when upgrading - the license is connected to your copy of Lightroom.


I got the same result. the Negative Lab is pretty sweet.

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All fabulous stuff on this page. Reminder to self: Check this FORUM site periodically. I knew about the metadata jazz, but was completely puzzled until reading here. Thanks, Nate!

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