Not sure how to adjust saturation

I just bought a Negative Lab Pro license and I’m having trouble adjusting saturation in Lightroom Classic.

I’m using:

  • Negative Lab Pro 2.2.0
  • OpticFilm Plustek 8200i negative scanner
  • Silverfast 8 outputting 48 bit HDR RAW DNG files
  • Lightroom Classic 10.4

I’m slowly getting used to using all the Lightroom image controls in reverse but I haven’t found a good way to control the saturation. Most of my images are getting pretty washed out as I fuss with the exposure & levels. The challenge is that the Vibrance and Saturation controls add a magenta to green cast when I try to correct for this.

Is there a good way to bump the saturation without coloring the image?
(Sorry if I missed something in the help docs but I didn’t see anything.)


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