Positive Tif Copy Compression does not work

I recently updated to Negative Lab Pro 2.3.0. I wanted to try out the new Advanced Tab with new Positive Copy Settings. Unfortunatly I don’t think my tifs acutally get compressed. The File Size is the same as before the update and File Explorer tells me they are uncompressed. The Bits Selector however works.
Switching to no compression results in the exact same file. Not sure whats going wrong here.

Windows 11, Lightroom Classic Version 11.0.1, Negative Lab Pro 2.3.0.

Related Suggestion:
Right now creating a positive copy of a black and white image and a positive copy needs a similar amount of storage. That should not be the case. Black and White Images should not use the same 16 bits per channel (48 bits in total) like color images. They should only need 16 bits in total. They don’t have colors after all. That would result in much smaller files.

Hi @divusjulius

Thanks for pointing this out. I can confirm that the TIFF compression is not happening as it should when making a positive copy from within Negative Lab Pro. Let me see if I can figure out what is going on.

In the meantime, you can “right-click” an image, and go to “Export > NLP - Positive Copy - TIFF” and that will correctly include ZIP compression.

In regards to 16-bit single-channel monochrome, that isn’t something I can do natively in Lightroom’s export SDK, but in may be a custom option I can add on.