Profile Missing (Mac, Silverfast)

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the Negative Lab Pro v2.1 - Profile.

I’am scanning with Silverfast. Therefore I wanted to work with DNG files and I hoped to get the best results with the silverfast profiles.

The Problem is, that everytime I follow the instructions Lightroom says that the Profile is missing and I get horrible results!?

I don’t know why Lightroom does not find the profile? Can I reallocate the profile manually?

Hope for your support!!

Thanks a lot!

Does anyone have any solution for this? I’m currently using the trial version of NLP with Lightroom Classic 10.2… every time I import a 48 bit HDR DNG from Silverfast 8 or 9, I get the “Profile Missing” error as shown above and my image goes really dark.

Strangely, opening the DNG in Adobe Camera RAW from Photoshop or Bridge and the profile is recognised, and the image is displayed properly… but just not in Lightroom… Any idea why this would be? I’ve run the “Update VueScan/Silverfast DNG’s” plugin option first, I’ve also tried scanning as positive and negative… but just cannot get Lightroom CC 10.2 to recognise the profile.

If I try to ‘import’ the profiles, it tells me that the profile is already installed…

I’d like to buy NLP and I’m running out of attempts to get it working in the trial…

Running on MacOS Big Sur, 64gb RAM. “Epson Perfection 4990 Photo” scanner - with Silverfast 8.8 (registered), and version 9 trial…



smae with me, missing silverfast profiles

Did this ever get resolved? I am having the same issue and cannot seem to find a solution.