Profile missing with Leica M11


I just digitalized 4 rolls of negatives with my new Leica M11. After the conversion in Lightroom Classic, I spotted the NLP profile is missing. This happened to me like a year ago and found out that it was caused by scanning into 64bit. At this time, I have no clue what is wrong. I have the last version of Lightroom Classic, the last version of NLP, old scans from Minolta 5400 are working, as well as scans from Fujifilm X-Pro3.

Have anyone some ideas? Colors without the profile are a little bit washed out.

Thank you, guys. :pray:

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Looks like M11 support was just added in Lightroom. When new camera models come out, I need to create camera profiles for them.

I’ve gone ahead and made an M11 profile, which you can access here:

To add this profile to Lightroom Classic:

  1. Download file from above
  2. In Lightroom Classic, go to “file > import develop presets and profiles”
  3. Add the profile file you downloaded

After you’ve added it, you will need to “unconvert” any conversions you made while the profile was missing. To unconvert, just select your previously converted files, open up NLP, go to the “convert” tab up top, then select “unconvert.”

Let me know if that works for you!


Holy smoke. That was super fast. Thank you, Nate. I really appreciate it a lot! I owe you. :saluting_face:

Thank you and have a great day.


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Was wondering if you have any recommendations on lenses to use with the M11 for digital scanning? Until now, I have been using an older Nikon Df with a 60mm macro lens. I am planning to get the M11 as my daily digital camera and was thinking that I might also be able to use it to digitize film. I shoot both 35mm and 120 (6x7 and 6x4.5) and should be able to get better size scans from the M11 (specially with medium format). Any advice on how best to adapt the M11 for scanning both 35mm and medium format is appropriated. Thanks

Hi there, I’ve bought Laowa 85mm Macro APO Lens (2:1 Maximum Magnification) with an M mount for this purpose. It is not as sharp as Minolta DiMAGE 5400 scanner, but I am pretty satisfied with the results. And it is much cheaper than Leica 90mm Macro Elmar (For 1:2 Macro, you’ll need the adapter, ups). For the film holder, I am using Essential Film Holder from, which is pretty solid. But I am still missing some steady copy stand; using a tripod (Peak design in my case) slows down the whole scanning process, but it works after all. I hope this will help you somehow. :slight_smile:

Laowa 85mm Macro looks cool! I didn’t know Laowa manufactures M lenses! Thanks.

Alternatively, if you already started to build your own M lenses kit. Leica Elpro 52 is compatible with a good range of Leica lenses:
Leica Elpro 52 Set, black | Leica Camera US

I pair it with a Summarit 90mm (gives 1:1.1 ~ 1:1.5 reproduction ratio), here is a table of Elpro 52 compatible lenses. (I think any Leica lens with 46/49/52mm thread should work)
Leica Elpro 52 Compatibility Table

Thank you and JanJan very much for the suggestions. My first digital Leica camera was the Q and I once tried the the Elpro 52 on it. I was able to focus close, but unfortunately there was some distortion with the digital scans of the photos. But I believe that the Elpro was really not intended to be used with the Q. Once I have the M11, I should give the Elpro another try.

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