Remember Convert Source

Hi, would it be possible for NLP to remember the source before starting conversion? In my case, all my negatives come from VueScan but Digital Camera is always selected by default. I’m afraid that one day I’ll forget to choose Vuescan prior to clicking Convert.

Hi @davidvankemenade

That’s strange… if the files were scanned as RAW DNGs in Vuescan, then it should automatically select “Vuescan/SF DNG” as the source.

It does this using the metadata on the file itself, specifically the “software” tag on the EXIF data.

If you’ve manipulated the EXIF data in some way prior to bringing it into Lightroom, this could be the issue. Or, if Vuescan has changed the way that they use the software tag, that could also cause this issue.

Would it be possible to email me an example file at so I can take a closer look at the EXIF and see if I can replicate the issue on my end?