Suggest: Same announcements on the forum as on Facebook

I’ve been using NLP for quite some time now and I must admit that I was very skeptical at first.
For a short time I saw it as the Holy Grail that would solve all my scanning woes, I instantly purchased a license, but I was quickly disappointed in the results and the complexity of the fine tuning.

I have a Facebook account but I hardly use it and rarely visit Facebook these days. However sometimes I do sometimes check the NLP group for information and inspiration and I noticed the announcement of the new beta version.
Updating to this beta really changed my opinion of NLP completely and I absolutely love it now. The initial conversions are much better and the controls are a lot more intuitive.

However I’m really considering closing my Facebook account, and the only thing that’s stopping me now is the information about NLP that I would be missing.

Would it be possible to post all the NLP announcements here on the forum?

Consider me old fashioned if you will but I still regard forums as more reliable and complete sources of information.

Awesome :raised_hands: Really happy to hear that!

I hear ya… I do post official announcements on this forum, but haven’t posted beta announcements. The reason for this is that beta’s often still contain bugs or issues that I’m working through, so I prefer to have a smaller group use the beta and directly engage with those issues before posting the stable version. For all of Facebook’s faults, their private groups are a really good way for me to do this, so that’s what I’ve done. I could perhaps add some way for users to indicate that they want to receive email announcements about beta versions, so I’ll try to set that up when v3.0 is ready to beta test.


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That would be awesome!