The shortcut key for Negative Lab Pro (Ctrl + N) is not working on Mac - How to add manually?

For Mac/Apple users, in some circumstances you may find that the shortcut key for Negative Lab Pro (Ctrl + N) either stops working or does not install correctly. You may also find that you want to customize the shortcut key, or add new shortcuts for the other included utilities (like Tiff Prep or Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNG).

This is easy to do on Mac using Apple’s built-in keyboard shortcut preferences.

First, on your mac, go to “System Preferences” and select “Keyboard”

Inside Keyboard preferences, select “Shortcuts” then “App Shortcuts” then click the “+” button to add a new shortcut

Set the “Application” to your version of Lightroom (you may need to select “Other” from the dropdown before you see it as an option).

Then set the menu item to " Negative Lab Pro" (with three blank spaces at the beginning). Then set your shortcut and click “Add”

You should see the shortcut added to your list of app shortcuts

In Lightroom, the shortcut should now be added. You should be able to see it available when you go to “file > Plug-in Extras”

You can set the shortcut to something other than “Ctrl + N” if you’d prefer, you just need to make sure that the shortcut does not conflict with any existing Lightroom shortcuts.

You can also create shortcuts for the other plug-in utilities. Just be sure to add three blank spaces at the beginning of the menu item name when you add it in your preferences. For instances, if you wanted to create a shortcut for the Tiff Scan Prep utilities, you should add it as " Tiff Scan Prep" (with three blank spaces at the beginning, and no quotations).

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Thank you, this worked like a charm. My mysteriously vanished shortcut is once again active.

I’m curious about the leading spaces. They seem necessary and a really odd thing.

On a tangential note, I have been able to add ⌘⇧H as a shortcut for “Flip Horizontal” (a command I always need after shooting the emulsion side toward my lens) and it works for one LR instance, before vanishing for the next. I’ve reported that in Adobe forums, but no answers at this point.