Tiff Conversion - profile switching

I do use NLP also with my digicam files … I just flip the contrast curve and then I convert the image with NLP . For my taste it works best with Tiff conversion rather then the others. I do use an LOGC profile along my camera files, but when I open the NLP dialog and set Tiff conversion - it jumps back on the inital profile (like Adobe standard) wich converts the file way too contrasty…
Sometimes it keeps my profile ( I guess it has something to do how do you import your files ( with or without setting a profile as an import rule))

So it would be nice if NLP wouldn´t force a profile when at Tiff conversion


Not sure what you mean exactly… how are you using a profile on your Tiff? Is it an enhanced look profile? Depending on how this is done, it may be problematic… if you are applying an enhanced look profile with a LUT, the LUT it applied at the end of the workflow (unlike traditional camera raw profiles) which will cause issues in the workflow, because it will impact the image analysis measurements but then be applied at the end of the chain rather than the beginning (if that makes sense).

Or perhaps you mean the “tone profile” inside Negative Lab Pro is set to “standard” instead of “linear”? If that is the case, just hit the “reset” button to zero out your settings, change the tone profile to “linear” and then hit “save” to make this the default (or if you have other adjustments you like your default setting, you can include those as well).


This example worked as expected

Here it jumped back to the initial Profile

These are digital camera files not “scanned” negs
LogC for the 5DMarkII comes from 3DLUTConverter so I guess it´s an accurate one not a selfmade one
Tiff Scan and Log C gives better Colour and Contrast then te digital Cam NLP conversion

I do use this method because it doesn´t look as saturated and HDRish as it would look when edited directly in Lightroom :wink:

The title was a bit missleading I assume

Ok, I understand…

You are working on a RAW file from a camera, but you want to use your own camera profile instead of the included Negative Lab profiles, is that right? And they way you are trying to do this is by setting the source to “TIFF Scan” instead.

What you should do in this case is still keep the source at “Camera Scan”, but set the “color profile” to “none” - this should now revert everything back to your user settings before you opened Negative Lab Pro… so it should revert back to the LogC sRGB profile. It will also revert back saturation settings to whatever it was beforehand.

I made the “none” color model setting specifically to do this so I could test different profiles and settings faster.

Make sense?

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Totaly, thx, perfect :slight_smile:

#1 But then will I loose the Frontier/Noritsu pre-grading?
#2 Anyways sometimes it changes the profile - sometimes not (My guess is it depends on the import rules - if you set a profile it will be kind of backed in)?