'Unable to Export' Bug

Hi all, I’m running into an interesting issue when batch exporting. After about 6 image exports using any of the NLP export presets, I get the follow error message:

Unable to Export:
An internal error has occurred:
failed to import photo

I’ve never had this issue before, however, this is my first time I am trying to export using any of the NLP export presets. I can simply click the “OK” button, then continue exporting what didn’t, but then it will eventually fail again and I’ll have to export the remaining images that failed.

Is anyone familiar with this issue? Please let me know if you need additional information!

Application Info:

  • NLP v2.2
  • Lr Classic v10.2

After taking a look at the 6 images that export before the batch export fail, only the first image will have the custom NLP metadata. The remaining 5 images will have the standard, digital camera metadata from my scanning (ie. Sony A7iii etc).

This leads me to believe the metadata overwriting is the cause of the issue.

When exporting one image at a time, the image will export, present me with the same error message, but will preserve the NLP metadata on the export.


After reading a similar issue in this thread, I took a guess that I was using an invalid character in my ‘Digitization’ metadata section. Turns out I was using the | character in the ‘Scan Equipment’ field. Changing the | to // fixed the issue!! @Nate, if you end up seeing this, please feel free to close out this issue.