Unconvert doesn't rollback history

Kind of expected unconvert to revert the image history to the point before the first NLP change but it reverts the NLP changes by unapplying the NLP changes and consequently adds to the history rather than rolling back.

Clearly the history is kept in Lightroom somewhere but should i be worried about disk space if I do this on a lot of files or frequently?

Second is it possible the history could leave a shadow from previous operations resulting in an image that is not exactly as imported?

PS Very nice tool.

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Unfortunately the SDK doesn’t give me access to the history (or even a way to know exactly when it will decide a change should qualify as a new state in history). So attempts to revert the history can cause some issues.

I don’t believe it uses up my disk space. It isn’t saving images with each change, it’s just saving a small bit of text that has the setting that changed. But if you’d like, you can manually clear all the history on a photo, but I understand this is tedious.

When you unconvert an image, it won’t fully return your image to exactly how it was imported… for instance, if won’t reset your crop or white balance or camera profile… Unconverting just resets the tone curve back to positive and tells Negative Lab Pro that it is no longer a converted image. If you want everything to return back to the original import, you will want to “settings > reset all settings” – note though that even this does not delete the history on the image.

Hope that helps!

Great, thanks for the explanation.
Shame about the poor API.