Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNGs.’ (You can run this on multiple DNGs files at once.)

Hi - Firstly, just wanted to say im using v2.42 and im very happy with the results.

The issue im having is that when selecting multiple DNGs and selecting the 'Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNGs ’ there seems to be a maximum number of files it will allow you to do this with - Anything over a finite amount it flashes up very quickly that his done the process and if you then read the metadata and check you can see it clearly hasnt applied the change.

Ive just tested this and found the maximum was 43. This may not be due to the number of files and may be down to the total size of the files combined instead.

It would be great if this were to allow you to update in bulk as i have thousands of scanned DNGs i want to convert and this would take this step out of the process if i could do them all at once…

Thanks again for this great product though.