Using "Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNGs" on Multiple Files

Using V2.2 (love it!) I’ve noticed an issue with the updating of the metadata with Vuescan, when dealing with multiple, imported files. In previous versions of NLP, I never tried it on more than one at a time.

Just now, I imported 190 Vuescan raw files. Running the Update procedure against all 190 at once, the process fails (no update, no read, no error) and the files are left as is. When I try it in smaller batches, say 25, it works without issue. One detail I notice, after invoking the Vuescan update, it very quickly finishes with the usual prompt to do the Metadata Read from File, much more quickly than doing 25.

The actual NLP conversion process does not seem to have an issue with large amounts of files.