V2.4 Issues and Fixes Thread

Sorry for the reply.

  1. Yes, it happen for both single and batch.
  2. And yes, both fresh and reopening existing conversions.

OH! I missed the fix!
Did the “Reset Hidden Presets”, and it solved it!
Thank you!

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There’s a problem that I’ve just noticed, and it’s getting a bit frustrating to be honest.
I’m trying to un-convert some negatives I’ve converted in the past (to try different options, or to see how much to pre-saturation has improved) and NLP simply doesn’t consider some selected negatives to be already converted.

To this problem there are actually two issues:
1- The negative is already converted and by opening the NLP panel I cannot un-convert
2- The negative seems to be okay for un-conversion when I open the NLP but once I un-convert, the negative stays positive and it brings me back to problem 1.

I don’t know what is the problem, and I do not want to try to reset my developing history since I’ve spent soooo much time cleaning off dusts with the Healing tool.

Last but not least, it seems like some negatives are just responding fine when switch from convert to un-convert, which drives me even crazier.

The only time when unconvert/convert didn’t work for me was when I used the “Enhanced Photo” functionality. This saved a new DNG, which didn’t keep the history of the previous file. Not sure this is the case for you here too.

This being said, you don’t seem to be on the latest version of NLP, which is 2.4.2.
You can find the latest version on the download page, which is linked from the NLP email.

I installed the trial version on WIN10 with LR Classic (latest version) and the directory where the processed files are stored crashes Explorer when trying to access it. The content is visible from within LR though. Also, I received a long cryptic error message when I select “make a copy” even if the copy is generated.
Good product but not sure about these errors.
Thanks for your answer.

Hi, please upgrade to the latest release (v2.4.2) and this issue should be resolved. The link in your email should take you to the latest download area.


I’ve found that version 2.4.2 removed the hotkey definition from my system settings. The Lightroom entry was there, but hotkey and N L P entries were gone. Have fixed it with manually entering the necessary things.

Procedure details: Update of NLP 2.4.1 on macOS Monterey on iMac 2019 with two user accounts. Updated NLP with admin user.

I can almost not see the backdrop of the sliders because the blue strip is too wide and bright.
I’d prefer to have no strip at all, the slider handles are all it needs imo.

Hey! Getting this error pretty regularly when I have multiple .dngs selected and I modify one (in the edit tab that is, not conversion), then click apply (or cancel):


Doesn’t seem to happen if I’m only “opening” one .dng in NLP. On 2.4.2. Win10, LR CC

I’m having the same issue missing the hotkey after installing v2.4.2 on my Windows PC. How do I add this back? It only works when I run the v2.4.2 installer which I don’t want to do every time I want to edit film. I’ve even tried running the v2.4.2 installer as an admin, but that didn’t change anything. I am still missing the hotkey.exe script.


On the windows installer, did you select the “Start Hotkey” at the end of the installation, and then click “finish”? This should start running the hotkey automatically in the background.

The installer also adds the hotkey to your startup items folder, so that when you restart your computer, the hotkey will automatically start.

So if you didn’t start it at the end of the installation, if you restart your computer, it should automatically begin running again.

The hotkey for Windows is different than the shortcut key for Mac just due to differences in the operating systems.

Ever since moving to 2.4 I’ve had to press ctrl+N twice otherwise the screen showing the image slides out of view to the left of my MacbookPro. Any hint as to what causes it and how to fix this?

Interesting, I have never heard of this happening. Is it possible you have a “ctrl+N” mapped to do something else on your computer? There were no changes to the shortcut key for Mac in v2.4, so I’m doubtful that this is related to v2.4…

There was no such issue in 2.3 so I don’t think it can be related to the shortcuts.
It’s not that bad in itself but since it has to be repeated over and over as I digitilise my numerous films it becomes something of a drag.

I’ve resolved it by keeping my fingers on Ctrl and N just a little longer than I do for other functions.

Good evening Nate, from the Netherlands,
I just purchased NLP installed NLP (v2.4.2) yesterday for the first time (Windows 10), and today for the second time, exactly according to your instructions (see 28/33). However, the hotkey Alt+Nfor the Netherlands does not work, also not after restarting the PC incl LR (LR Classic, v 12.1) of course. Starting NLP via the plugin manager in Lightroom works well, but restarting NLP after each conversion is not ideal of course. Thanks for your help. regards from an unexperienced NLP beginner. Anrik


can you try:

Control + Shift + X

And see if that works for you in the Netherlands?

Hi Nate, thanks!

Your suggestion to try Control + Shift+ X did, unfortunately, not work .

However, encouraged by you to experiment I tried Ctrl + Alt+ N. As a result NLP started up !! Bùt, not every time, during the repeated tests that I carried out.

And to make it even more complicated: I use LR and NLP also on my second work location, on the same network, a separate PC on the wired network. All up to date equipment, hard&software. And on this PC the Alt + N hotkey puts NLP on the screen. And, important, consitently without failures.

My next step will be to change my key board, now and then I feel a bit suspicous about its functioning, although it was recently bought, new. I will keep you posted inform you when relevant. But more suggestions are welcome.

Best regards


Hi there,

i’ve updated to V2.4.2 today (from 2.3) and all my b/w scan conversions are having a green tint now. Looks like i would convert it into color. I’m using the recommended workflow for b/w.
Previously (on 2.3) i had no issues (converted over 100 b/w films with NLP).
I’m on MacOS 12.6.3 .

Thanks for any help

Hi Patrick,

If you see any kind of tint on your black and white photos, the first thing to try would be using the “reset” button to clear any default settings… if this fixes the problem, then hit the “save” button to save that as the new default so it doesn’t keep happening.

If you still see a tint after that, got to the “Convert” tab, and hit “unconvert.” Makes sure the color model is set to “B+W” and then convert again. Try converting just one at first and see if that works.


thank you - that worked! (i’m a bit embarrassed - that was quite easy to fix)

Thank you so much! Also V2.4.2 seems much faster converting on my old machine!

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