Is it the film roll fault or the camera is bad?

Hi everyone,
I purchased a cheap point-shoot camera SKINA SK-525 for events and parties and it allready had a film in it with about 10 shots left - Kodak 35mm Color Print 400. (I dont know age)

When I got it developed/scanned in film photo service where I had done countless films without problems, all of the pictures where either Blue or CYAN. Some of them completely unusuable.

Is this an indicator that the film roll itself was dead (perhaps somebody exposed it to light before puchase)?
Or the camera is dead and I should not waste any film rolls on it?
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Welcome to the forum, @MrPundurs

I’d not waste any more effort on that film.

You need at least another film and new batteries to know. Take a few shots and have the film developed. After that, you’ll know what to do with the camera.

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