MacOS Catalina + Negative Lab Pro

When running Negative Lab Pro on macOS Catalina, you will encounter a troubling error about “magick” not being signed and the only options available are “Move to Trash” or “Cancel”.

DO NOT “Move to Trash”. Instead press “Cancel”.

Then, open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy. At the bottom it should say that the system recently tried to open “magick” with some other information. There should be a button that says “Open Anyway”. Click it.

Try running Negative Lab Pro again, and you will get similar messages for various “.dylib” files. You will need to repeat the above for these as well.

Once all of the files have been approved to be opened by you, Negative Lab Pro should work as expected.

I think the developer should get signed versions of these programs and libraries, but in the meantime I hope this helps someone.

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Thanks so much for the heads-up and guide, @mrdoodle!

I should be able to get everything “notarized” by Apple for v2.1…

It’s a bit of a pain to do because these are just standard libraries and open-source packages that it is flagging, but I understand the large picture of why Apple is doing it.

In the meantime, yes, with v2.0 and earlier, do what you’ve described above!

For those of silly us who trashed magick - where does it belong so we can put it back?

You should just be able rerun the NLP installer for Mac… that should recreate the plugin with the magick utility back in it. Otherwise, you would need to “right-click” on the plugin, click “show package contents” and put the “magick” utility into the “mac” directory.

But again, probably safer to just rerun the installer so you don’t accidentally mess anything up inside the plugin package.


Creator of Negative Lab Pro

I could not upgrade using the option key and right click with Catalina 10.15.1. I was able to install it using the control key with right click.