Metadata export with publish services

Is there any way to use NLP metadata export functionality with a publish service?

I use jf Collection Publisher to publish a hierarchy of collections and already have it set up to add important keywords, trim some, etc. and I’d like to keep these plus publish service/republish features while also taking advantage of the NLP metadata.

In the File → Export menu I see NLP presets but can’t find a way to add these to my existing/new publish services. Specifically I am looking to add “Negative Lab Pro | Metadata” and “Negative Lab Pro | Auto-Caption” to my publish service in a similar way that I can add jf’s “Metadata Wrangler” post-process actions.

I had looked into this when I was first adding the NLP metadata features, and I don’t believe it is possible. But let me take another look once I get v3.0 out.


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