OSX Compatibilty / Installation Problem

Hello, new to this as I get back into using film and therefore the world of processing and scanning negatives again. So as recommended by “Nate” on the NLP website I downloaded the “Trial” version of NLP to try out first, but I’ve been unable to have it install into LR Classic. It appears to have gone into the right places on the Mac as I can see the files in the Library under Library / Application Support / Adobe / Camera Raw / Settings / NPL Settings but it doesn’t turn up in LRC / File / Plug-in Manager or Plug-in Extras. I’ve followed the installation instructions carefully, installed and re-installed several times, but NPL refuses to show in LRC. Could it be the the older OSX I am using, ( OSX 10.13.6 ) is the culprit? LRC is the latest version, 9.4. I can’t upgrade the OSX in this 2009 iMac because this is as far as it will go with OSX versions, it’s not compatible with later versions.
I would appreciate any insights as to where maybe I’ve gone wrong with this…Thanks! PM


Sorry @smudger,

It is address in this thread: SOLUTION: "An error occurred when attempting to load this plug-in"

After running the installer, go to the plugin manager in Lightroom (file > plugin manager). Click “Add” to add a plugin, and then navigate to “home > plugins” — there should be a file in there named “NegativeLabPro.lrplugin” - that is what you want to add.

There was an issue when Apple updated their OS that made part of the installer not work (the part that tells Lightroom which folder to default to when you open the Plugin Manager). So for the time being, you just need to navigate to that folder (“home > plugins”). That is the same thing as “users/YourUserName/Plugins”