Problem to instalation

I get this message. What should I do? When I click YES, nothing happens.

It scans on Heinderberg Tango. Do you have any advice how to set up New Color or LinoColor so that the effects are OK?



Please read the installation instructions included in the README file in your download, and follow the step-by-step guide for installation.

In this screenshot, you are trying to run the Windows hotkey script, which runs in the background to make the shortcut work on Negative Lab Pro. This is separate from the plugin itself. It looks like you had already previously clicked to run the hotkey shortcut program, which is why you are seeing the message that it is already running.


Thank you, I installed and everything works.

I still have a question because I saw on the film that first you take off the orange mask, then you reduce the area (to the photo format) and then the conversion takes place.
In my program there is probably no possibility to remove the mask first. There is immediately a positive conversion.