Profile missing with vuescan

I followed the settings in every step, but after importing to LR, the RAW file showed “color”. When I used “update dngs”, it prompted me that the profile was missing. White balance is not working.When I click on the border with a straw,It prompts as follows:Cannot set the white balance here.Please click on a darker neutral area.So I cannot do the next conversion. When I use silverfast, everything works fine. I don’t understand why. :flushed:

I found that other friends have encountered the same problem. My vuescan version is 9.7.15. I suspect that the NLP configuration file may be incompatible, resulting in the scan file not being recognized.

Hi @yeye

First, you need to set the “Raw File Type” to 48bit RGB. The profile will not work in Lightroom if Vuescan is outputting a DNG with a 16-bit IR channel included (i.e. "64bit RGBi).

That’s what I suspect is happening here, with your setting of “auto”.

So try this on a 48bit RGB DNG file. If that doesn’t work, please email me the file (, and I’ll take a look.


Sorry, I tried many settings, including 48bitRGB, and the results are the same. I rescanned a RAW with 48 RGB and I will send it to your mailbox.

here is the raw file
raw0001 .dng

Nate via Film Community at Negative Lab Pro 于2020年4月24日周五 下午11:39写道:

Did you figure this out? I’m having the same problem. I’m trying to use the beta enhanced profiles and it shows missing profile on everything scanned with vuescan. I can access the enhanced profiles on everything that I scanned with epson scan.

Thanks @yeye,

The file you provided worked fine for me… there was no need to run the “Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNG” utility since there is included a direct profile for the Epson GT-X970.

(It will only work with the 48-bit RGB output set, so if you have other files which were not scanned this way in Vuescan, it will not work).

So either there is a bug with Lightroom, or the Vuescan profiles folder hasn’t been installed. In any case, make sure your profiles are installed in the right place, and try restarting Lightroom.

Here, you can see the profile loaded (automatically)

Used the LR WB tool to sample the film base…

And here’s the initial conversion.

Hmm… before using the beta enhanced profiles, you’ll need to make sure that your Vuescan workflow is set up correctly and you can get regular conversions correctly. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to follow the directions carefully to install the vuescan raw profiles, and follow the directions carefully to create 48-bit Vuescan RAW DNGs. If you get that working, then you can start trying to use the beta enhanced profiles, just make sure you have the ones installed specifically for raw scans.


Hi i’ve the same problem
I use a Epson Perfection V500 Photo

First, when you click the profile dropdown, what options do you see?

If the options you see are “Color” and “Monochrome”, then you probably have the output incorrectly set to 64bit RGBi (it MUST be 48bit output, because profiles will not work when the IR channel is included).


In this case, go back and make sure your output settings match the recommended output settings in the guide to Vuescan settings.

If you see the profile listed as “Embedded” when you initially load it, then the scan is probably correct, and something may be incomplete with your setup of Negative Lab Pro. Go back and look at the installation guide for Windows on adding profiles.

(Since you are on Lightroom Classic, you can also just go to “File > Import Develop Presets and Profiles” and add EVERY profile in the “Vuescan Profiles” folder that came with your download of Negative Lab Pro.)

If that doesn’t resolve your issue, feel free to share the DNG or email it to me at

Since you are on Lightroom Classic, you can also just go to “File > Import Develop Presets and Profiles” and add EVERY profile in the “Vuescan Profiles” folder that came with your download of Negative Lab Pro.)

with this is working!!!

Thanks al lot